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Kate Winslet In two Hot Films: Little Children and The Reader

We all know Kate Winslet - sexy, brilliant actress and a good wife to her husband Sam Mendez - in the Box office hit Titanic pero nakita mo na ba siyang umarte as in to the highest level? I bet hindi pa until you watch this film Little Children and The Reader. I avow that she is one of the most famous in Hollywood. She is predicted by a famous "manghuhula" (fortune teller ;) ) in America that she will be one of the most controversial and in-demand actress in 2009. Kate Winslet has a lot of nominations in all prestigious award ceremonies in Hollywood. In OSCARS 2008 she won Best Actress in the movie The Reader.For me She will be the next Meryl Streep.

Kate Winslet in "Little Children"

Lonely, unsophisticated, not loved by her husband, not typical suburban, studying the behavior of her neighbor - that is my observation to Kate Winslet's character (Sarah Fierce) connecting to the character of Patrick Wilson (Brad Adamson). He is called "The Prom King" by the park mothers because of his good looks. He has a problem with his wife who is a successful documentary filmmaker. Brad failed the Bar Exam twice and became a stay-at-home husband. Kate Winslet duplicates effulgently as if she is Sarah Fierce. The director (Todd Field) indeed gave a good illustration of the character. You'll see the thirst for happiness in the eyes of Sarah. I strictly observed her moves and the more the story evolved the more she acted effectively. I'm just inquisitive that the movie didn’t give justification for some edges in the connection of the other character's (kung singular, character’s kung marami sila, characters’) to Kate's. I didn't like how Field captured the metamorphosis of Sarah, I think dapat he elaborated more because it’s the exciting part in the film. The character of Sarah Fierce is hard to portray because you would be picturing a wife in a cage struggling to be free. Plus, she holds the key to the success of the film. It means the role of Kate Winslet is the heart of the film. Kate Winslet was nominated for best actress in Oscars 2006. Don't let the title fool you: "Little Children" is a decidedly adult film, though its fully grown characters do behave in immature and selfish ways.

Kate Winslet in The Reader

Sarah Fierce's Little Children has big discrepancies with Hannah Schmitz' The Reader. Kate Winslet took on the massive supporting role of Hanna Schmitz, a woman who had an affair with Michael Berg (German actor David Kross), a 15-year-old boy in 1950s Germany. They spent their brief romance alternately making love and focusing on literature, with Michael reading everything from Chekov to Homer to his lover. Soon, Hanna abruptly disappears, and Michael returns to his normal life. In this movieh, Hannah Schmitz is not the heart of the film, instead its Michael Berg but unbelievably she got a golden trophy (OSCARS) for Best Actress for the film which was supposed to be a supporting role nomination only. The director Stephen Daldry got the exact ingredient on how he can make the audience feel the warmth, pain, and persistent desire. Daldry's techniques of transforming Kate's character were also praised by critics as well as his co-directors. This movie is not a Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher thing but instead a more complicated affair which involves a lot of secrets and lies. A heavy drama mixed with history and literature added by finest actors at its best, what more can you ask for?

"Watch out for the hot scenes in the said two films.It's a dynamite!!!!"


  M. Lim

June 8, 2009 at 2:00 AM

I have seen Little Children.
The movie went too slow for my liking, as it is a drama, but it is really good. I could not tear away my attention from it.
I am also waiting for Transformer and mildly anticipated Harry Potter. This is the book where Dumbledore dies.
Oddly enough I want to see New Moon although the trailer sucks.