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A Movie Review: Last Chance Harvey

It's about First Loves, Last Chances, and Everything In Between

Last Chance Harvey is a 2008 romantic film starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, set in London. It was directed by Joel Hopkins from his own script.

Dustin Hoffman stars as Harvey Shine as a drawn jingle-writer who was rejected by his boss because he is aging out of his career. With no choice, he flew to London for his daughter's wedding but it turned out that his daughter's stepfather will give a way. Unappreciated by his family he accidentally met Emma Thompson as Kate Walker
an old spinster airport employee escaping her own bad day with a glass of wine and a book.The story will evolve to their similarities and somehow learn with each others dilemma.

The story was plain but the performances of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson gave the movie fresh, funny and sugary.
It’s Thompson that really shines, imbuing every line with depth and pathos — lines that could have been thrown away by other mouths. Their encounter was just a bit too unexpected but it ended well. The film's message was about in every rejection and mistakes we commit there will always be another second chance. It explained here that even if your old you can still have your dreamed fairytale. I recommend this movie to all older audiences who feel overlooked.