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Twilight V.S New Moon

I can smell the Showing of New Moon in Nov. 11 2009 and i know the fans are all hungry to watch it. Before New Moon lets recap the movie Twilight. Twilight didn't impress the movie critics , it only got an average rating of 49% in Rotten Tomatoes (reviewed counted 188)(Fresh 92)(Rotten 96). In spite of the ratings of the critics it top the Box Office Chart.They grossed 69,637,740 in weekend opening, it gained $191,449,475 in total Box office and a $379,912,94 GrosRevenue. Twilight is one of the most successful movies in 2008 and the question is can New Moon beat the Box office success of Twilight?

"A sometimes girlie swirl of obsession that will delight fans, this faithful adaptation is after teenage blood, and will most likely hit a box office artery"
- Will Lawrence (Empire Magazine)

"The film progresses in a manner that's more comatose than undead."
- Dan Lybarger (


The director of Twilight Catherine Hardicker will no longer be the director of New Moon, it would be Chris Weitz will handle New Moon.Catherine Hardicker Chris Weitz is an Academy Award nominated producer, writer and director. He is best known for his work with his brother, Paul Weitz, on the comedy films American Pie and About a Boy, as well as the film adaptation of the novel The Golden Compass. When asked about the sequel, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke stated, "It's got werewolves, it's got visual effects that turn people into werewolves, it's got motorcycle stunts, you go to Italy. It's probably twice as much as this [to film].

1st promotional movie trailer of NEW MOON


  M. Lim

June 8, 2009 at 2:10 AM

At first I thought that Catherine Hardwicke did a shitty job in making Twilight, but in the progress of reading the book, I changed my mind by 100˚ hahaha . I think she did quite decently. For example, as I read the book, I can not imagine things differently from the film.
And as I suspected... the book is... quite flat.